Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Nostalgia Critic Interview

Hey guys! Metal Ray Productions back again with another great interview for our new interview series, so cleverly titled MRP Interviews. This time, we talk to the face of, Doug Walker. We discuss his rise to the top of the internet, his humble beginnings, and the creation of his fabulous characters. Definitely something you don't wanna miss!

Friday, July 16, 2010

Evan Rages about The Last Airbender

After completing his song about it, Evan feels that he hasn't said enough about how bad Last Airbender is. So he decides to continue talking about it afterwards!

Evan's Singing Reviews: The Last Airbender

Hey, another Evan's singing review on your very own computer! This time, he rages over just how terrible the Last Airbender by M Night Shyamalan is. Don't miss out!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Dr Mask Movie Magic: Episode 3: Fake Wound

Hey Guys! Dr. Mask here, back again to bring you another helping into the world of Movie Magic! This time, we walk you through the steps to create a fake wound, perfect for action, horror or maybe even romantic comedies! Fun for the whole family!

Friday, July 2, 2010

Cinema Snob Interview!

Hey guys! Metal Ray Productions here with a very special video! We got to have an interview with Brad Jones, aka the Cinema Snob, and boy, was it fun! Take a listen to here such things as:

-Why he got into film making
-Where the inspiration of the Snob came from
-Movie roles he has been offered
-Benzaie's first experience with Taco Bell
-Him try and review movies in one sentence!

And much more! Don't miss it!

A Look at Our Past: An Eliptical Studios Retrospective, The Lost Footage

Hey guys, back to bring you the final part of our epic retrospective of Eliptical Studios! Here, we talk about the things that didn't quiiiiite make the cut in terms of posted videos. Hope you enjoyed!

A Look at Our Past: An Eliptical Studios Retrospective, Volume 2

Hey guys, here is the last official volume of the Eliptical Studios retrospective! This one is a bit longer, but this is the point where our quality of work and acting really started to rise and become better. This spans from ABN Episode 2 all the way to our final video, SMA Episode 3, and includes our reason for ending Eliptical Studios. Thank you everyone for supporting us, and stick around for our special bonus video, where we discuss the videos that didn't quite make the cut!

This video includes the following films:
Anime Broadcast Network Episode 2
We're Back!
Sailor Moon Abridged Episode 1, 2 and 3
Kingdom Hearts: Re: Chain of Memories dubbed intros
Evan Tries to be Smart
My First V-log
Evan's first animation

A Look at Our Past: An Eliptical Studios Retrospective, Volume 1

Hey guys! We're here today to take a look back at our former company, Eliptical Studios. For the last four years, we have made several videos under this name, and we think that they really show an evolution for us in terms of style and technical ability. Also, they are pretty funny for all of the wrong reasons. So sit back with us as we take a look back at Eliptical Studios!

This volume includes the following videos:
Anime Broadcast Network Episode 1
Don't Smoke
Drowning in the Dive
Evan Teaches You About Swords
Squares Hello
The Treaty of Ghentitus

Zach's Top Ten: Hateable Villians in Cinema

Hey guys, back again with another top ten list! This time, we look at the most hateable villians in Movies. When I say hateable, I mean just people that have little to no redeeming qualities and are just so easy to despise. This is all, of course, my own personal opinion and should not be taken as THE WORD. I hope you all enjoy!

All of the movies and music are, of course, copyright of their own owner.

Dr Mask Movie Magic: Episode 2 Fake Blood

Hey guys, another episode of Dr. Mask Movie Magic here for all you good little girls and boys! This time, we will be showing the creation and variations in Fake Blood!

Now you might be wondering, why is this episode posted so soon after the first episode? Well, it's pretty simple. Evan and I will be busy these next several days, and will not be able to make or edit any new vids. But we plan to make a very special one over the weekend, and a very big convention happening in Southern Texas. Hey, maybe you'll even appear in our video!

And just in case it isn't clear in the audio, my associates name is Captain Hat.